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23 August
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hi. i'm kristina. ill be eighteen august twenty-third. i'm about to leave for college at the end of the summer. gwynedd-mercy is where i will be staying for at least two years. i dont know anybody there, yet i'm pretty excited for a new surrounding.
things i like include: polkadots, biology, pictures of friends, the city, stuffed animals, ska, laughing, chocolate milk, roller skating, past memories, wawa, loud music, lip piercings, old people, smell of firewood, boats, tennis, makeup, corny jokes, depressing songs, skirts, starbucks, old friends, great american diner + spontaneous adventures.
some things i'd rather not encounter are: cracking knuckles, being lonely, spaghetti, remembering, soccer, chemistry, west philadelphia, screamo, the typical ryan slut, being bored, iced tea, spelling, screaming, responsibility, closed minded people, crying, the middle states, cold, dirty hands, being ignored